13 Best Ways To Save Money As a Minimalist

Minimalist Money Saving
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Hello Guys. Welcome to the Minimalist Hub. Today, I will be sharing with you 13ways to save money. I will be writing about how we can efficiently manage and utilize our spending. Everybody’s financial situation is different, so do keep in mind that these are more meant as a general. Hopefully, you will be able to adapt them to your personal financial needs and your situations something that makes a difference.

In my own opinion, it really will be helpful before you even put these tips into action is having something to aim for. Always try to picture or visualize a goal that you would like to accomplish once this money is going to be saved. Maybe there’s a debt that you want to pay, a trip you’re planning or something that you want to invest in. I feel that having a definite goal of the things that you will be able to do with this money is going to help you in staying motivated during the whole saving process. Here are some of the best ways to save money.



Tip number one which is going to make a significant difference is to always bring at work for your lunchtime your food from home. Don’t get any takeaway food. Don’t eat outside for your lunch break rather bring your food from home. I know that there’s a lot of people out there that do meal planning and that’s great if that works for you. I usually don’t do that rather the night before whenever I cook our dinner or I get ready to eat, I just make sure to cook a bigger portion of that same food or alongside if we want to bring a little variety. I just cook alongside with that meal or prepare something else. In this way, I don’t feel any stress and spend a lot of time. I highly recommend doing this.



Tip number two is something that I’ve already shared before and I received lots of positive feedbacks. So, I will be happy that you find this idea good or helpful. It’s what I have called the glass jar experiment. It’s just an idea I came up with a few years ago and I’ve been on it ever. This little glass jar thing aims to understand fully how much money you can save by being a more cautious, conscious and careful consumer. So, you need to give it a try and hopefully, you get to thank me later.



Tip number three is probably a little bit obvious but you must analyze your daily habits. You need to deeply analyze them and cut off any axis so everything that you can live without you get to eliminate from your daily expenses. The point of this thing is to prioritize and to find out the things that you have to spend money on daily or weekly or monthly and which you don’t have to. I’m not saying that you have to live a life of total boredom but you have to fully understand what’s worth investing in and what’s not. This can be living a little bit more minimal and living with a strict money-saving system. It can also make you creative and if there’s something that you are doing regular but you’re not fully ready to eliminate it from your routine then you just can find cheaper alternatives.



tip number four is dedicated to ladies and hopefully, it will encourage the women out there who still haven’t made this switch to finally make it. I’m talking about reusable products for your period so either menstrual up or at reusable cotton pads these are just one-time purchases so you spend money the first time and then these products are meant to last for years. This in the long term will save you a lot of money because if you think about it tampons and pads regular ones that you buy from the drugstore, they are extremely polluting. They are unsafe for you to use especially tampons and they cost a lot of money and you spend a lot of money into something that is 100% disposable and you just use one time before disposing of it in a trash. So, it’s way better to invest in a product that you can reuse during the years and it’s a one-time purchase.



One of the ways to save money is to ensure you consume less energy at home. If you don’t need it to turn it off, unplug it. If you’re not in the room turn off the light. If you’re not using water at that moment turn it off especially if you’re brushing your teeth or you’re shampooing. For whatever, during the winter don’t indulge too much on the heating system. Wear a thicker sweater or wrap yourself around a blanket before turning on the heating on the highest level possible and you also want to make sure if the companies that are providing you with the energy can provide lower cheaper more affordable fares depending on certain things. Ensure you do your research and find out what is the best or the cheapest options for you.



Number six is selling what you don’t need. Donating is a great thing but sometimes we all have those things in which we invested a little bit more money on and we would like to get some of that money back. There’s a lot of options out so just go through your wardrobe, your cupboards, your drawers and I’m sure you’re going to be able to find something that you can sell.


Tip number seven is don’t buy anything for today type of days and what I mean by don’t buy anything, I mean anything. Buy nothing for the entire day and you want to make sure that you set these kinds of days multiple times during the month or even during the week. It just requires you a little bit of preparation to get used to it but I’m pretty sure that whenever you start understanding when you can schedule your grocery shopping or shopping in general that you can do, you are going to be able to cut down the excess expenses.



Tip number eight is buying second-hand products. Don’t just rush to the first store you find and buy it from regular stores. You want to browse and make sure that a second-hand alternative or option is always available. There are lots of options out there. These days, you can go through trip stores, charity stores and you can even browse online through different websites or apps. There’s a lot of choices out there. It just requires a little bit of research but it is worth investing in because you can pretty much find lots of things for a very cheap price. There are even Facebook groups of people giving away their stuff for free. So that’s even better or swapping groups or things that you can just get for very cheap money.



Another way to save money is setting a monthly budget and always making sure you include in your monthly budget a separate voice for savings. No matter how many expenses you have planned for that month, you always want to make sure that even just a few euros or dollars or whatever currencies are put to savings. You have to take your regular income and from that, you want to take out the expenses that you know occur each month like rents, public transportations and regular bills and you want to prioritize them and you want to make sure that every single cent or penny or dollar or what is put to a purpose.



Always keep a wishlist of the things that you’re considering to buy and write them on the list and before purchasing something.You want to wait a little bit. A few days, maybe a week. In this waiting time.You are going to be able to fully understand what type of purchase it is, if it is truly necessary or something that you like or if it was just something that was spontaneously born because of different emotions or boredom or any kind of impulse shopping that you might do.


Tip number 11 is DIY. As much as you can do it yourself do it at home. Doing things yourself is always a cheaper option than just going out and buying things on services. I’m talking in terms of gifts for people which is going to make the gift extra-special because it shows to people that you’re giving the gift to, that you put in extra care. I’m talking about spa treatments. So have some pedicures, manicures, facials, just pamper yourself.

Dedicate an afternoon or evening to a pamper routine and make your spa at home. Cleaning supplies or products that you can use for yourself or at home a home décor, just get creative. There’s a lot of possibilities out there for you to DIY and just use whatever you have around or just buy the essentials. Always research before buying and try to find the cheapest options and do it yourself at home. It’s always the cheapest alternative.



Borrow things that you don’t use often. There are even Facebook groups out there for people that just want to ask in their neighbourhood or the area locally if they can rent things for free. So if they can borrow or eventually if there’s something that can be swapped it’s a great way to save a lot of money and also to build a community in the area where you live.



Stay healthy always. Cook using simple basic ingredients and make simple nutritious meals at home. Always prefer walking. If you smoke a lot, you want to cut down your smoking. If you drink too much, then you want to cut down on the drinking. So, everything that is not exactly healthy in your life probably is also not the cheapest option.

So, these are my ways to save money. I hope you enjoyed them. Feel free to comment down below and if there’s anything more you do to save some money, big thumbs up.


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